Search Engine Marketing To Grow Your CT CPA Firm

Growing your CPA Firm is a daunting task in the CT market.  There are several way to get more exposure for your accounting firm than your competitors.  In my review of online companies that can rank your website onto the first page of Google there is only one firm that stands out. To get the Best SEO CT is the only solution for SEO.  The ranked our company and our companies wiki pages on the first page of Google in 3 weeks.  Competitve Search terms for Forensic accounting.


Our company tried to market this our selves online but we spent thousands on PPC ads that just cost too much.  We would get 1 client per 500 spent to make a small profit.  Then when we hooked up with our SEO expert.  They did the research found us keywords that the keyword planner never mentioned we got 4 new clients a week.  We started to lower our PPC and now we don’t use PPC at all.  The savings was over 8,000 a year in marketing cost.




I have  done the actual “heavy lifting” for for your web marketing and  WEB OPTIMIZATION..  Spinning programs will produce garbage results so don’t use them.  If you do use a spinning program you will get results like this one here.  If you read this you will notice that it makes no sense.  Why would you want to provide your clients a page about your business and it make actually no sense at all.

Here is the example

So well can be: as time passes. We’ve designed an increased degree circle connected with information internet sites that will produces a highly regarded step good quality connected with facts in order to it’s visitors. As well as coming from most of these internet sites When i offer you back links coming from most of these internet sites which i individual exclusively. Let me present your web site using the status premium quality & top viability back links this have to have leading brings about virtually any search engine optimization. That is an edge that many various other WEB OPTIMIZATION folks don’t get, or perhaps don’t understand how to make; and also I’m throughout Connecticut – quite great to handle!


As you see from the top paragraph spinning software is design for garbage.  Just focus on building uniqe content and growing readership.  Getting social will help your site too.  Grab a google plus or a twitter  account like mine here @richardbcollins if you dont have one already.  These are a great plac to start your local marketing.  Once you build these 2 social profiles check back here to my site and i will start showing how to build out a local audience with local business in your area.


Talk to you soon, Richard.

Richard Collins



Accounting Principles on Forensic Accounting

If you are seeking a great web site on how to do forensic accounting, you have arrived at the right place. One of the most important things about finding a forensic accountant is online research. You can do your online research in the accounting world using all of the major search engines and mainly Google.  Major cities are the main location to find the larger and more experienced accounting firms if you are looking for a larger company to handle your tax and accounting needs.

accounting online marketing


It is hard to find the right forensic accounting company online. For that reason, it is very important to remain determined in your search for one that fits your needs. One means to remain motivated is by setting short-term targets which will not to take that lengthy to achieve. Discovering a accounting colleague with whom to method is additionally good. research will be your best method and referrals from friends on whom they used. It also helps to have the or find more help at

Accounting service. Among the best means to find out anything is to enjoy a professional at work. Listen closely to others recommendations for a service and actually attempt to distinguish between accounting companies. Figure out how they accomplish the tax offset. You could find out a great deal by doing the research online.

Start off by determine your budget for the accounting company you are looking to hire.  Some companies charge different amounts for forensic investigation, and tax preparation.   An affordable solution and quick solution may be what you are looking for.  Once you are made your decision to go with a a firm then look into what other services they may offer to help you with your tax advisory services and accounting to maintain all of the records for you and your business.